Total Environment

At Total Recycling Scotland we are wholly committed to reducing not only our own but also our Customer’s impact on the environment by employing a diverse range of recycling activities and as all waste collected is segregated for recycling at our own Waste Transfer Station, you can be guaranteed peace of mind that your waste has been managed in an environmentally friendly and legal manner.

Contracting with Total Recycling Scotland for your waste management needs ensures that you can be 100% confident that your Duty of Care obligations and any corporate legislative requirements are being met – for example:

The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2003 – Many businesses have obligations to ensure that as a producer of waste, this is disposed of efficiently and responsibly – in particular ensuring that waste is disposed of in an authorised manner. View the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency website for more information.

Packaging Waste Regulations

Increasingly, recycling targets are being placed on businesses involved in the packaging chain. Total Recycling Scotland can help you achieve these targets by taking control of your total waste management needs, ensuring that end-of-life packaging is effectively recycled and is not destined for unnecessary landfill.

When hiring a skip through Total Recycling Scotland you can be sure that your waste is processed and recycled as efficiently and environmentally-friendly as possible. All waste movements are accompanied by a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note, providing a full audit trail for your records and leaving you safe in the knowledge that both yourselves and Total Recycling Scotland have fulfilled all environmental obligations.

Please contact us for more information on what you can bring to Total Recycling Scotland Transfer Station for processing.

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